About Us

JMB Barakat Textile is a leading high-end textile company

We are based in Istanbul since 2013 and have a long experience in textile industry for generations back from 1984. We have been working with brands, fashion houses and designers playing a leading role in the world of fashion. What we can produce is:

  • Knitted Fabric
  • Embroidery Fabric
  • Wedding Dress Fabric
  • Yarn


What we can do?

  • Knitted Fabric
    • Dummy data
    • Buralara yeni
    • İcerik gelecek
    • Yeni Yeni İcerikler
  • Basic Fabric
    • Lacoste Pique
    • Single Jersey Full Elastane
    • Single Jersey
    • Interlock
    • Three Thread Fleece (Cotton Polyester)
    • Two Thread Fleece
    • Two Thread Fleece Full Elastane

  • Jacquard
    • Polyester Viscose
    • Cotton Polyester
  • Sportswear Fabric
    • Jersey Polyester
    • Interlock Polyester

  • Embroidery and Wedding Fabric
    • Embroidery (100% Polyester)
    • Satin (Silk)
    • American Satin
    • Acetate Satin
    • Tull
    • Chiffon Fabric

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